Here’s some feedback from our grant recipients telling us how our funding has helped them.

Arts & Culture

Chichester Festival Theatre
The grant received has enabled Chichester Festival Theatre to investigate further how facilities can be improved upon. In 2012 the theatre will be 50 years old and the ageing Grade 2 listed building poses restrictions to the theatre and therefore is limiting its potential. The grant has meant that they now have the building blocks in place and are ready to start developing the site. It also enabled CFT to leverage a grant from the Arts Council England towards the development of this project.

Brighton Dome & Festival
The Foundation monies has helped Brighton Dome and Festival Ltd (BDFL) become a hub for artists, companies and audiences to form new relationships and develop exciting new work. With the establishment of an artist development programme, BDFL have been able to foster successful relationships with a number of artists and companies and BDFL have also worked closely and formed key partnerships with leadings in a range of different art forms, including Hydrocracker, Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, South East Dance, Without Walls and ZEPA. These relationships have not only benefitted the companies/artists but have also enabled BDFL to commission and present cutting edge new work of the highest standard that has contributed to propelling the forward in terms of raising our national profile.

Arundel Festival
Because of The Roddick Foundation’s grant the Festival was able to expand massively and put on over 20 more community events, and were also able to fund more street entertainment than ever before. The street entertainment increased the footfall in the town – beneficial for traders, raised the profile of the festival and provided the community families and visitors some fantastic entertainment.

The Resurgence Trust
Thanks to the Roddick Foundation’s grant The Resurgence Trust has been able to maintain and manage the website in an efficient manner. As a result they are uploading new material everyday. The number of visitors is sustained and growing. They were also able to hold the Festival of Wellbeing, a successful festival which was attended by 350 people, shifting their focus from economic growth to growth in well-being. Speakers included Fiona Reynolds, Johnathon Porrit, Caroline Lucas, Polly Higgins, Patrick Holden, and Satish Kumar. Building on the success of this festival they are organising a second festival of well-being this year.

Dirty Beach
Funding from The Roddick Foundation enabled Brighton-based artists “Dirty Beach” to create a powerful and critically acclaimed pop-up supermarket art installation at O.N.C.A. gallery. Waste plastic collected from local beaches by the artists and volunteers was washed, sorted and re-branded to create an eerily spectacular ‘supermarket’. The “TruCost Super M-Art” subverted the universal mundane shopping experience with the aim of inspiring visitors to use plastic in more sustainable ways.

Actor’s Gang
Funding from The Roddick Foundation has supported the Actors’ Gang’s Prison Project which has enhanced infrastructure and program roster, increased budget, and many opportunities to develop existing and new programs. The Prison Project has a great responsibility and opportunity to make an impact beyond the inmates and prisons the Actors’ Gang currently serve and they feel the support from The Roddick Foundation has moved them much closer to their core aims and are excited to see what the next six months will bring.

Belarus Free Theatre
Support from The Roddick Foundation allowed Belarus Free Theatre to deliver the Staging a Revolution festival in November 2015, a two-week Festival of performances and discussions in London featuring some of the company’s most acclaimed original productions, reinvigorated classics and the world premiere of a new work, Time of Women. Belarus Free Theatre integrated artistic production with campaigning and education elements throughout the festival period to engage audiences in critical and pressing debates on human rights and social justice issues in the UK and internationally.

Refuge Media
Funding went towards a UK tour of the Queens of Syria. The grant paid the per diems for the Syrian refugees in the tour. This money was of enormous help towards the refugees and their families. Most of these families have been refugees in Jordan for five years now; they are largely forbidden to work for a living in Jordan and money has become very tight. One of the aims of the Queens of Syria project is to help ease the financial burden of the refugees in Jordan as much as possible. The money also enabled the women to justify taking the time to come to the UK and tour the play.


Soil Association

As a result of funding from The Roddick Foundation the Soil Association has developed their campaigns and policy work to raise awareness and activism around the critical issue of food security, and sustainable food and farming systems. They have published Stuffed – a new activists handbook which starts in the kitchen and travels via gardens, schools, communities, cities and farms to examine how the global food system influences, and can be influenced by, our own personal choices. The Soil Association has also run a major international conference, which looked at the unprecedented challenges facing the world’s food systems. Published a key report on organic farming’s potential to mitigate climate change through carbon capture, and organised a national conference in Birmingham, addressing the triple challenges of climate change, resource depletion and food security and the need to develop new models for food and farming systems for the 21st century.

Tourism Concern

Courtesy of The Roddick Foundation, Tourism Concern has been able to employ a full time campaigns manager plus supporting volunteer staff to launch their important new campaign demanding water rights for communities in destinations: Water Equity in Tourism (WET). The goal being that water rights of communities living in tourism destinations are protected and respected and more equitable distribution between local people and tourism development is secured.

Navdanya Trust

As a result of the funding provided by The Roddick Foundation Navdanya (a women-led movement for biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture and farmer’s rights ) has been able to create a global alliance of that are resisting GMOs, and also produce a global citizen’s report on GMOs titled ‘The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes – False Promises, Failed Technologies.’ Both the report and the global citizens alliance have provided the GMO-free movements with a strong and persuasive tool in their work to turn the GMO industrial tide.

Slow Food UK

As a result of the grant from The Roddick Foundation, Slow Food UK, a not-for-profit seeking to promote a better way to eat, has developed a new membership database. Due to the improved membership database, local groups have easier access to membership information, which enables them to contact their local members more easily. Local groups have to spend less time informing and chasing local members for their renewal, and less members lapsed, creating bigger and stronger local groups, that can focus more on organising local events and activities. The new database, and improved local events section helps them communicate about these activities more easily too.

A new email system was also developed to be linked to the membership database. The new membership database and email system allows for more, frequent tailored communication with different stakeholder groups. Doing so, different groups get more specialised information, relevant to their role within the

Blue Marine Foundation

The Roddick Foundation funding has enabled BLUE to expand its portfolio of marine conservation activities to now include: Belize, Lyme Bay, exploration of other UK sites in which to adopt the Lyme model, the Mediterranean, Antarctica and Scotland. The beneficiaries in each of these areas vary – from people to marine ecosystems but suffice to say that BLUE’s remit has been firmly progressed by this funding.

In addition, this funding has enabled to continue to bring the world’s attention to the crisis in the oceans. With the support of the Roddick Foundation, BLUE has produced two short films – on a modest budget – and a highly impactful PR campaign to help raise further awareness and funds for its mission.

This funding also enables the successful and professional running of the at a ‘behind the scenes’ level, and the funding has been of immeasurable value to BLUE itself. BLUE is a young, ‘start up’ charity which cannot rely on a fully established, long-running list of ‘repeat’ donors.


With the funding from The Roddick Foundation WhaleFest has been able to able to reach thousands more children with innovative educational materials and a message of the importance care for the ocean environment. WhaleFest’s in-schools activities are one of the children’s most anticipated and enjoyed events. The quality and scope of WhaleFest’s educational work at the forthcoming WhaleFest would be fraction of what they deliver without The Roddick Foundation’s support.

Transition Network

The Roddick Foundation funding has been truly invaluable this year in helping Transition Network progress their core work, in communications and support. Transition has been able to inspire and catalyse action by communities towards a low-carbon, socially-just future, and to help people involved in Transition to access good information, resources and support.

Community Environmental Council

With the help of the funding received CEC has been able to increase their reach to the public as well as strengthen community partnerships on their five initiatives that seek to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to address climate change. Funding has allowed CEC to maintain one of the strongest social media networks by an environmental non-profit in Southern California.